I AM Yoga® Posture Assists & Adjustments

I AM Yoga® Posture Assists & Adjustments

Assist Your Yoga Students at Every Level and Improve Your Understanding of the Body

Kamini Desai, Ph.D. clearly guides and demonstrates safe adjustment techniques for yoga students, designed to bring them into their individual safe and optimal alignment. Based on the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga (I AM YOGA), this DVD is designed to prepare you to help your students reap the most benefit from their yoga practice.

Because we develop blocks in the body resulting from injuries, poor posture, and emotional stress, a yoga pose can be a powerful way to deliberately encounter these limitations that have been built into the body.

Each time we stay in the pose using proper alignment, we must move into areas of tightness and weakness we usually compensate around. A well-delivered assist can help your students move into all manner of limitations—unbinding blocks, re-establishing proper posture, resolving pain and tension, and maximizing the flow of vital life energy.

Safe and Effective Hands-On Adjustment and Modification Techniques for yourself and your students

Learn to visually asses the root cause of misalignment & safely adjust your students accordingly
Deliver clear alignment points to enhance the deeper physiological and energetic benefits of each pose
Offer modifications for injuries and other areas of weakness and tightness
Maintain proper alignment in your own body as you adjust your students
Apply Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga (I Am Yoga®) techniques including:

Prepare yoga teachers to deliver assists that address the full-spectrum of student abilities, from beginners to advanced practitioners
Learn techniques to be applied to any yoga pose affected by the common roots of misalignment outlined in this series
Offer modifications that still provide the complete benefit of each pose and actively prepare your students to develop strength and flexibility in time
Go beyond surface level memorization of each pose and establish a clear understanding of the body itself to address your individual students totally and holistically
This DVD specifically addresses the postures in the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga (I Am Yoga®) Level 1 Sequence, though its techniques and applications are universal and relevant for all styles of yoga. Learn specific adjustment and modifications for the following postures:

Sun Salutations
Standing Mountain
Half Moon
Standing Back Bend
Forward Bend
Standing Squat
Warrior 1
Warrior 2 and Warrior Angle
Wide-Legged Forward Bend
Dancing Shiva
Standing Hand to Foot
Tree Pose
Standing Yoga Mudra
Seated Integration
Half Locust
Childs Pose
Seated Yoga Mudra
Seated Forward Bend
Seated Spinal Twist
Reclined Integration
Half Shoulder Stand
Reclined Knees-to-Chest
Knee-Down Twist

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I AM Yoga® Posture Assists & Adjustments